Choice of Cooking Oil : Guidelines

    a. Contains mainly MUFA; hence reduces bad cholesterol LDL without decreasing good cholesterol HDL
    b. Use refined oil for all types of cooking – frying, grilling, seasoning

Mainly contains MUFA
Expensive, used mainly in Mediterranean countries for cooking
Healthy oil – lots of benefits
    Decrease coronary artery disease by reducing bad cholesterol and blood clot formation.
    Influences body fat distribution (less around stomach)
    Decreases risk of some cancers (Breast)
     Decreases risk of diabetes or delays onset of diabetic complications
     Many antioxidants helps in decreasing heart diseases

Varieties of Olive Oil

     Extra Virgin : best for usage, oil comes from first pressing of olives
        Virgin:Comes from second pressing
        Pure:Pressing + filtering & refining
     Extra Virgin : best for usage, oil comes from first pressing of olives

Contains mainly PUFA.
Useful for all types of cooking except frying : PUFA gets oxidized at frying temperatures to form toxic compounds

Contains both MUFA & PUFA.
Generally available as filtered; refined variety, sold as vegetable oil.
Contains Erucic acid, a fatty acid with undesirable effect on health in large quantity.
Should be used with other cooking oil as it is adulterated sometimes with argemone oil which is toxic.

Extracted from rice bran, not expensive, popular in China / Japan / Korea / India
Rich in MUFA; also contains “Oryzanol” which lowers cholesterol.
Also rich in antioxidant Vit.E.
Ideal for cooking, including deep fry because it does not form toxic compound at high temperature.
Also snacks prepared absorb 12-25% less oil than those prepared in groundnut oil.

Rich in PUFA mainly linoleic acid
Lower both LDL(bad) and HDL (good) cholesterol : hence it can’t be used as only cooking oil
It needs to used along with palmolein oil

Similar to sunflower oil contains mainly linoleic acid, hence has to be combined with other other (palm oil)

Contains MUFA, low in linoleic acid, healthy oil

Cooking oil in southern states especially west coastal belt
Contains saturated fats
Can be consumed in combination with other cooking oil (Sunflower)

Unhealthy Cooking OIl

    Butter : High amount of saturated fats and cholesterol ; hence not ideal
     Ghee : like butter contains high amount of saturated fats and cholesterol . Small amount of (1tsp) to season food is not harmful as it also contains Omega 3FA. To avoid sweets made of ghee.
        Vanaspathi: Can be consumed in combination with other cooking oil (Sunflower)

Combination of oil helps to maintain a balance between three fatty acid
Now in market, blended oils available
Blends of Ricebran and sunflower (Sundrop heart, Saffola Heart) is suitable and most ideal as it can be used for frying
Other option is – Olive oil for salads
    Groundnut / Ricebran oil for frying
    Soyabean oil for other cooking purposes

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